My paintings are primarily done with acrylic on canvas or on glass, sealed with a top coat.

Onwards and Upwards

During my last week working for the Virginia Maritime Association, I felt inspired to do a quick acrylic piece and spent only two nights working on it. I gifted it to the association as a parting gift. The VMA focused on port growth, which meant larger container vessels, offshore wind, and distribution via trucks and rail.

The Sun Bee

2018, Acrylic, based on reference photo of a bee for a friend while visiting her for a few hours. Painted as a way to pass the time.


2017, Acrylic on 2 canvases. Took the span of 2 weeks to complete.

Giant Jellyfish

2017, A 4-ft acrylic painting on canvas of a jellyfish. Took the span of multiple days to complete.

He is My Love

2016, An acrylic painting for a friend of her pet bearded dragon, Sir Philip Arthur Norrington

Surreal Flower

2016, Acrylic on canvas. Depicts a surreal world, painted without any real direction over multiple days. An expression of random thought and whimsy.

Hogwarts Castle

2012, Acrylic on glass ornament with paper mâché textured base. Painting of the classic scene from the first Harry Potter movie.

The Tardis Floating in Space

2012, Acrylic on a glass ornament. Based on the flying time machine from Doctor Who.

Tardis in a Van Gogh Starry Sky

2012, Acrylic on glass ornament (other side features a Tardis). Based on the Van Goh episode of Doctor Who.

The Hogwarts Express

2012, Acrylic on stemless wine glass

Squirrel In my Back Yard

2007, Acrylic on water color paper. Speed painting of a photo my dad took. It’s still a particular favorite of mine, although perhaps I would have painted it differently if done today (especially the green)