My paintings are primarily done with acrylic on canvas or on glass, sealed with a top coat.

The Sun Bee

2018, Acrylic, based on reference photo of a bee for a friend while visiting her for a few hours. Painted as a way to pass the time.

Hogwarts Castle

Acrylic on glass ornament with paper mâché textured base

The Tardis Floating in Space

Acrylic on a glass ornament. Based on the flying time machine from Doctor Who

Tardis in a Van Gogh Starry Sky

Acrylic on glass ornament (other side features a tardis). Based on the Van Goh episode of Doctor Who.

The Hogwarts Express

Acrylic on stemless wine glass

He is My Love

An acrylic painting for a friend of her pet bearded dragon, Sir Philip Arthur Norrington

Surreal Flower

Acrylic on canvas. Depicts a surreal world, painted without any real direction over multiple days. An expression of random thought and whimsy.

Giant Jellyfish

A 4-ft acrylic painting on canvas of a jellyfish.