Following a college education focused on film and video production, I had the amazing opportunity to work in Los Angeles as a production assistant and intern for Ridley Scott’s company – commercials, PSAs, & music videos – back in 2012. Realizing the starving artist life was not for me, I was pulled into a different direction to become the marketing professional I am today. My video projects have been exclusively a creative outlet ever since.


VMA New Year Video

While working for the Virginia Maritime Association from 2017-2022, I was able to work on a few video projects including this New Year’s Video entering 2022. I directed, shot, and…

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College Demo Reel

A collection of video snippets from the projects completed during college (2008-2012). Includes projects “Jukebox,” “Die Kinder,” “Fighter,” “PSA,” “They Don’t Know,” “Wall,” and various cinematic shots. Genre: VariesYear: 2012Team:…

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“Traveling to Where You Are”

Violet Evergarden, an auto memory doll of the postal service, writes a reply letter to a past friend, Leon, a student from a distant observatory. Leon reads her response as…

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“Chasing the Dragon”

Serious man, Keith Landee (A.P. Brittain), finally lets go, steps out of his comfort zone, and immerses himself in the stories of his blind date Bryanna (Madelaine Shouse) – with…

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“Support Group”

Flying Penguin Productions brings to you “Support Group,” awarded “Best Use of Dialogue” at the Hampton Roads Regional Finals for the 48-hour Film Festival. What secrets will Payne Sarmast (Lakota…

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