College Demo Reel

A collection of video snippets from the projects completed during college (2008-2012). Includes projects “Jukebox,” “Die Kinder,” “Fighter,” “PSA,” “They Don’t Know,” “Wall,” and various cinematic shots.

Genre: Varies
Year: 2012
Team: Varies (Fitchburg State University)
Length: 5 min 15 sec

Jukebox, 2012, Short Film shot on Film, 17min 7 sec
The 80’s were a time of loud clothing, smoking, rad music, and diners with jukeboxes…and this isn’t just any jukebox, this one connects the lives of the diner customers through its commited soundtrack.
Co-Producer…Laura Bird

Die Kinder, 2011, Short Film shot on Video, 13min 57 sec
A retelling of the gruesome fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel, during a time of plague, starvation, and difficult choices.
Editor, Costume & Prop Designer, Makeup, Witch Stunt Double, Location Scouting…Laura Bird

Fighters, 2010, Short Film shot on Video, 14min 27 sec
With the passing of his father, Thomas is now free to challenge his boxing rival, and his father’s favorite trainee, to the ultimate match and settle old scores.
Lighting Design…Laura Bird

Fitchburg State University Athletics, 2009, PSA Shot on Video, 4min 18sec
This PSA highlights the college’s athletic programs, featuring interviews with Athletics Director Sue Lauder, assistant track coach and graduate of ’07 Kyle Wilson, student athletes Meghan Coullahan, Will Gasson, Emily Lane, and Pat Conaty.
Interviewer, Lighting, Camera…Laura Bird

They Don’t Know, 2009, Short Film shot on Film, 6:48 sec
A young man struggles to find his purpose and motivation by confiding in those around him.
Director…Laura Bird

Wall, 2009, Period Short Film shot on Video, 3min 30 sec
Two romantics meet on opposite sides of a wall, brought together through a local folk songs and poetic dialogue.
Director, Producer, Writer, Costumes, Props, Editing…Laura Bird

Cinematography Shots (2009-2012)
This collection features underwater footage, footage on a roller coaster, staged shots, footage from an unreleased parody music video, and opportunistic shots.
Director of Cinematography and Camera…Laura Bird

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