I love capturing moments and expressions. When I choose to touch up a photograph, I will never alter a subjects core features like weight or wrinkles, but I will remove bruises or pimples since those are temporary blemishes. Most of my subjects are close friends and family who have as much love in creating expressive pieces as I do, and are willing to put up with my ideas.

The camera I have been using for the past 10 years is the Canon Rebel T3i.


These creative editing pieces were a way for me to learn how to use photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop. I used brushes and textures that were free at the time to enhance the images, but all main subject matter were photographed by myself.


This collection showcases friends who travelled with me on trips, posed for photoshoots, and let me capture them in the moment – or are acquaintances I met through cosplaying at conventions. Two of the photos portray a friend of mine and her mother who was visiting from another country. I felt honored to be able to photograph their close moments together on the beach before they had to part ways.


I’ve discovered that I love to photograph sea life at aquariums. There is something about how the tanks are lit up and the movement of the creatures in the water that is so fascinating. The other animal subjects are mostly the pets of my friends.


The locations below include the Grand Canyon, England (Seven Sister Cliffs, Tower of London, and Brighton), and the Hampton Roads region in Virginia.